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REGA Lab: Defining Moments

REGA Lab: Defining Moments: Welcome

What was REGA Lab: Defining Moments?

REGA Lab: Defining Moments was an opportunity for seven budding musical theater artists to come together, share a bit of their own life story, and choose one moment—a defining moment—in their lives that helped shape who they are today.

From that defining moment, each student chose a song, monologue, or an original piece. Over the course of six weeks, they were coached on their vocals and acting choices by our awesome industry professionals—Virginia Hart Pike and Mark J. Schneider—and created their own unique video.

The class met weekly online as a group, along with one-on-one coaching sessions online each week with our professionals. The series culminated in a watch party with invited friends and family. 

REGA Lab: Defining Moments: Who We Are

See what our students had to say!

REGA Lab: Defining Moments: Testimonials

"[REGA Lab: Defining Moments] made me think about how I connect with the materials I choose, and kept me progressing during a time when being stagnant would have been easy."

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