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Our Training

Few things have the power to influence the human heart and even belief systems like the Arts do. What would you say made a more lasting impact on you growing up - your favorite movies and songs, or your economics class?  That's why at REGA we believe the Arts are so important and so underrated. Investing in the Arts means investing in the souls of people. 

We love young artists, and we love helping and watching them thrive. It is our passion. The pressure of the industry can make artists feel like they need to fit into a certain image that the world says is desirable at the moment. But at REGA we believe every artist has immeasurable value, and every artist, like every person, is unique, having their own gift-mix and ability to express in a way that is inimitable. It is our joy to bring that uniqueness and value forward, and to see our young artists light up in the process! And once they find the joy and light in their gifts, they bring that into the world every time they perform.

At REGA we teach and develop methods that engage the body, mind and soul using techniques that are emotionally safe and freeing all at once. We draw from the raw materials already in us - who we are, our personal history, our body - and maximize the inherent creativity in each individual, while also taking them beyond what they thought was possible.  Through body awareness training coupled with the disciplines of acting and singing, we learn about the instruments we’ve been given, how to become aware of the physical nuances needed for our craft, and how to make choices that will communicate our desired message or make our point most effectively. Our approach helps to de-layer the fears and insecurities that tend to hinder each student from being the free vessel they long to be.  Once they feel safe to open up their hearts, trusting that the Lord is giving them the freedom to do so, our students discover new levels of their creative potential.

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New Works Development

At REGA we are committed to creating and giving visibility to new works of musical theatre. We currently have two shows in development for 2023: Walls; and Value Point. We will be holding a public concert staged reading of Walls on May 11. You can learn more about that here. If you would like to be invited to an industry reading of either of these projects, please reach out using the Contact page and let us know so that we can make sure you receive an invite. If you would like to give a donation towards the development of one of these shows, go here and choose which show you'd like to give to in our dropdown menu.  We have partnered with The Wedgwood Circle as our fiscal sponsor, and will be looking for investors and possible producing partners, so if that interests you, be sure to let us know through our Contact page!


Performance of Original Incarnation of Value Point at Times of Refreshing Christian Centre, NY

Watch video excerpts from first draft concert viewing of Value Point:

Take Me Back 

Words and Music by 

Virginia Hart Pike

Performed by 

Nathan Kassas and KEKA

Unless You Believe

Words and Music by 

Virginia Hart Pike

Performed by 

Dagmar Benintes


Industry reading of Recovering My Song, now titled Walls, featuring Analise Scarpacci and Ali Ewoldt

Watch video excerpts of songs from Walls:

I Carried You

Words and Music by 

Virginia Hart Pike

Performed by 

Kimberly Harley

What's Real?

Words and Music by 

Virginia Hart Pike

Performed by 

Savvy Crawfod

Our Values

Artist Investment

REGA is about investing in each individual artist—who they are based on their unique gifts and personality. Our highly qualified teachers have top-level industry experience, create an encouraging environment, and take the time to get to know and build on the strengths of each student.

Gracie 5_edited.png

Healthy Arts Techniques

At REGA, we feel strongly about bringing arts training that is healthy for each individual’s spirit, mind, and emotions. We always seek to create an atmosphere in which students feel safe and free to explore the limits of their inherent creativity.

Quality Content

It is our belief that the arts serve a purpose beyond commercialization, or diversion. Quality works of performing arts have the potential to be vessels of  transformation - of the hearts and souls of individuals, and of society as a whole. For this reason, we are committed to exposing our students to the best works of musical theatre. We also seek to create and develop our own original works that are not only crafted in excellence, but which have their finger on the pulse of today's audience, and can thus expose the human heart in ways that are both recognizable and revelatory.

sondheim shows.jpg

Community Creation

REGA is a community of artists across varying levels and backgrounds who are here to support one another, grow together, and create beautiful and penetrating works of art. We believe in the importance of the experienced, mature Christian professionals mentoring and raising up the next generation of Christ-centered artists.

Spiritual Integrity

At REGA we acknowledge and embrace the intersection between the Arts and our spiritual nature. We address some of the spiritual questions and issues that come up for Christians called to the Arts industries, and provide mentorship and encouragement for those who see their faith as being integral to their art. Our spiritual oversight is Times of Refreshing Christian Center, NY, under the headship of Dr. Robyn Kassas.

About: Who We Are
About: Who We Are

Blog Posts

Read about our latest insights into what's happening in the theatre industry now:

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Statement of Faith

At REGA we believe that all people are created in the image of God, all fearfully and wonderfully designed. Our values come from our Christian faith, based on the foundation of Biblical truth. Some of our classes will draw from a connection to the Holy Spirit as the One who gives Life and reveals the inner workings of how we are made. While the leadership of REGA hold to these beliefs, we do not require the same of every teacher and guest artist we bring on board. We invite students from any background of faith and of any belief system to come and take our classes and be a part of the REGA family. We only ask that each student be respectful of the authority of each instructor and leader, and of our value system, as outlined on this page.  All are welcome here!

REGA has an affiliation with Times of Refreshing Christian Center (TORCC-NY), and spiritual oversight by Dr. Robyn Kassas, head pastor of TORCC-NY.

Statement of Diversity

We believe that all men and women, of all races, colors, and ethnicities, are created in the image of God. We believe that every human who enters the doors of REGA is of equal, infinitely precious value, no one greater, no one less than. We consider it a privilege to be entrusted with the artistic growth of every person who wishes to study under our direction, and we are accountable before God for not only the fair and equal treatment of every person and student, but to follow Christ’s directive to love our neighbor as ourself. We enthusiastically welcome students from all backgrounds, ethnicities, and belief systems, and endeavor to create a community that is void of colonization or partiality of any kind.  It is our desire to create an atmosphere in which every person in the room knows they are not only accepted, but loved and valued. 

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