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Ongoing Events

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We want to offer to the next generation the very best in musical theatre training that keeps God at the center of our process and purpose as artists. If you are a Christian between the ages of 13 and 18, and you want to grow as a musical theatre artist, this program is for you! 


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Offering for a limited time:

Voice Lesson Bundle Special!


4 Lessons for $400

With REGA Arts Voice Instructor,
Virginia Hart Pike

Here's how it works: the student pays for all four lessons up front. From there they have two months from the date they first schedule a lesson to complete the four lessons. Cancelations are not made up unless an alternate date suggested by the student can be scheduled within a week of when the canceled lesson was scheduled. After completing payment, the student schedules their lesson times through Calendly. Lessons can be in-person in New York City* or online. The student enjoys their discount and their lessons! And we enjoy our time with each student!

*studio rental fee may apply

Rita Pietropinto Kitt

Chair Marymount Drama

Virginia Pike is a skilled and compassionate teacher who brings out the best in her students.  A passionate and skilled musician, she creates an environment which is safe and trusting so her students feel the confidence to take risks and excel.  She brings her passion for music to her teaching and inspires her students to trust their instincts and commit to their natural talents.

Mother of Julia Morgan

Young Anya understudy in Anastasia on Broadway

Virginia Pike is an incredibly gifted voice teacher. Her subtle, yet persistent encouragement, sensitivity to our daughter’s vocal sensations throughout each lesson, and deep confidence in her talents have led her vocal abilities to blossom. We could not be more grateful to have Ginny as our daughter’s voice teacher.

Brittin Ward

Actor, Influencer

Working with Ginny was transformative for me as an artist—she brings wonderful energy and passion to the classroom, stage, and music room, and it is a true joy to work with her. Ginny doesn't just care about the art, she cares about you as an artist. She is able to bring out truth and beauty from each individual student she works with.

Transform your voice and your artistry when you train with Virginia Hart Pike!

Take it from her students, like Andrew Bower!

Coming Soon!
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New York City's first ever musical theatre conservatory for Christians!

More info coming SOON!

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If you would like to sow into this vital vision, you can give a tax-deductible donation at the link below. We have the vision, the people, and the raw materials. We need the financing to hire the staff who can run and sustain the administration of the full-time school. It would be the first Christian theatre training program of its kind. 

Past Events and Classes

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On September 16, 2022, REGA Arts produced its very first ever Showcasical!

What is a "showcasical"?

It's a showcase, but with a storyline. It's an original musical but with some students focusing on writing, some on acting, and others on singing. It's a collaboration between creatives of all stripes to put together an original production centered around a theme, in this case, how we find our value as human beings. Our writers were given a story outline and then sent off to write scenes for our acting students. Our acting students studied monologues for a couple of weeks, and then jumped into new material written for them. Our singers were given original songs based on the theme and storyline, written for them (in one case by them) to perform. And our special guest poet was given a topic to create a poem for the event.

The result was a glorious evening of original scenes, songs and poetry.

All photos taken by Joshua Eng at Times of Refreshing Christian Center, NY.

Nathan Kassas, Production Director; Jonathan Paredes, Lighting Design