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All photos taken by Joshua Eng at Times of Refreshing Christian Centre, NY.

Actors as Vessels
Starting soon!!!

Oct 4 - Nov 8

Maximize your effectiveness as an actor while staying within healthy spiritual and emotional boundaries! This acting class teaches students how to apply a powerful acting technique based on who they are as a person (which is more than enough!), helping them discover the tools they already have within themselves. We focus on the mind, the heart, and the body over the course of the six-classes. Amanda Brewster, founder of the Movement Habit and our resident "body expert," gives a teaching on how to find healthy ways of using our body to communicate our characters' personality.

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Past Events and Classes

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On September 16, 2022, REGA Arts produced its very first ever Showcasical!

What is a "showcasical"?

It's a showcase, but with a storyline. It's an original musical but with some students focusing on writing, some on acting, and others on singing. It's a collaboration between creatives of all stripes to put together an original production centered around a theme, in this case, how we find our value as human beings. Our writers were given a story outline and then sent off to write scenes for our acting students. Our acting students studied monologues for a couple of weeks, and then jumped into new material written for them. Our singers were given original songs based on the theme and storyline, written for them (in one case by them) to perform. And our special guest poet was given a topic to create a poem for the event.

The result was a glorious evening of original scenes, songs and poetry.

All photos taken by Joshua Eng at Times of Refreshing Christian Center, NY.

Nathan Kassas, Production Director; Jonathan Paredes, Lighting Design

Sondheim Series & Celebration

March 2022

Six of our top musical theater students studied the art of the Sondheim solo and performed their songs for a live audience. They also shared a bit of their personal journey with their song, and what they discovered about themselves through their process.  The Sondheim performances were followed by an open-mic night which opened opportunities for more of our talented guests to shine.

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to see footage and photos!

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REGA Lab: Defining Moments

Summer 2020

Defining Moments Screen Shot