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Theatre Insights

Read commentary by our Artistic Director, Virginia Hart Pike about the state of the theatre world today. Using her professional expertise, information gathered from other media sources, as well as her spiritual intuition, Pike brings a unique Christian angle in her perspective on where theatre is now and where it is headed!

The Underground Microphone

The Underground Microphone is a blog and weekly email specifically for Christians who are praying to see God move powerfully in the performing arts world. It is password protected, as it is intended to bring people together with like-minded vision and burden for the Arts Industries. To learn more about this weekly prophetic prayer update and/or to get on the email list, please fill out the form to request access to this list by clicking the button below: 

The Underground Microphone logo.png

If you are already on the list for the Underground Microphone
and have the password, you may visit the site here:

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