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Request for The Underground Microphone Blog and Email Series 

The Underground Microphone is a weekly blog and email series in which REGA Artistic Director Virginia Pike shares insights and specific prayer points for the Arts Industry so believers can unite in prayer to see a powerful move of God. Virginia draws from prophetic words given at Times of Refreshing Christian Centre's (TORCC-NY) annual Season Casting event by Dr. Robyn Kassas, Ps Nathan Kassas, Ps Tony Kassas, herself, and others on leadership at TORCC-NY, as well as her own and other select leaders' prayerful insights about the current state of the theatre and other arts industries. We believe there is power in unity and agreement and in praying the specific will of God together as much as we can discern what that is. We are praying not merely for God to help the industry in its current state, but for a complete transformation of The American theatre, film and TV industries. We believe that when these industries are made in God's image rather than the world's image, they will look completely different from anything we've ever seen before. For that reason, this series is geared toward those who have a similar heart and vision to see God move powerfully in the Arts and Entertainment world, and who are open to receiving specific prayer points discerned by our team. If you think that's you, then please fill out this form, as we would love to meet you, and include your requests in our weekly prayers! 

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In addition to this weekly newsletter, we hold a weekly prayer meeting on zoom for the Arts Industries every Tuesday morning at 10AM EST. Are you interested in possibly joining this prayer meeting? (If "yes", we will set up a zoom meeting with you to tell you more about it, so your answer here is not committing you in any way.)

Thanks for filling out the Underground Microphone Request Form! You will receive a personal email from us in the next few days.

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