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Actors as Vessels: Programs

Learn to be a unique, dynamic story-teller while maintaining healthy emotional and spiritual boundaries.


The arts are spiritual.

Christians are often therefore afraid to pursue them out of fear they are exposing their souls to potentially dangerous areas. But once we acknowledge that as actors, our instrument is our soul and our body, we can move forward in our training with awareness and discernment rather than fear. When we allow our souls and bodies to simply be vessels of the Holy Spirit Who dwells within us, using the raw materials of the mind, heart and experiences the Lord uniquely gave each one of us, we can explore the limits of our soul without opening ourselves up to spiritually unhealthy territory. 

Looking Out - 5_edited.png

This course applies the same technique used at top acting schools such as NYU and the Atlantic Theater Company, with some adjustments made to adapt it for Christians. It is a 6-week course which focuses on three main areas of acting: the mind, through text analysis; the body, through workshops with Amanda Brewster of

The Movement Habit; and the heart through improv workshops that will liberate our emotional responses and sharpen our instincts. You will emerge with a toolbox full of creative strategies to apply to any acting gig for

stage, film or TV.

Watch final monologue videos of some of our students:


Hear what our students have to say:

It was an amazing experience! I loved learning how to dissect a character while being myself, not using mental and physical methods that didn't make me feel compromised as a Christian, and the chance to apply how to bring it all together. I can't wait for the next class!

Ashley P.

All photos by Joshua Eng

Taken at Times of Refreshing Christian Center, NY (TORCC-NY)

Dr. Robyn Kassas, Senior Leader, Dr. Tony Kassas, Executive Pastor

Pastor Nathan Kassas, Creative Arts Director, Associate Global Leader

Jonathan Paredes, Lighting Designer

Actors as Vessels: Testimonials
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