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Let's do theatre differently. 
Let's start with you. 

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Become the artist you were created to be.

We believe the arts have the potential to bring us back to what has true value - the hearts of people. This comes first from young artists coming to know their own value and honing their craft to achieve their highest level of ability. It also comes from the creation of new and penetrating works of excellence that can serve as vessels for God's love, hope, truth and grace.

REGA Arts is a Christian theatre company based in New York City whose mission is:

  • To provide high-level training to budding theatre artists  

  • To mentor young Christian theater students and professionals 

  • To develop new work that will help to renew and revitalize the theatre industry

In REGA's artist training program we offer healthy, sustainable classes that cultivate the gifts of each individual. We incorporate Christian faith and spirituality into our teaching methods, equipping our students to be powerful and effective artistic vessels. Our highly qualified teachers draw out the best within each student, disarming hindrances of fear, and affirming the creative power of Christ within. 

We also seek to create theatrical works of excellence with powerful storytelling that introduces new perspectives and original forms of creative expression. We seek out works with the potential to bring moments of transcendence and transformation to our audience. Excellence should be a given, so we craft and hone each piece through a series of workshops until they are performance-ready, and from there can be taken to theaters around the country, with at least one stop in New York City.



Cultivating the gifts of each artist through healthy, sustainable training methods.



Developing new works through concert readings with students and professionals. 



Teaching from top industry professionals who invest in the overall growth of every student.

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