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Let's do theatre differently. 
Let's start with you. 

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Become the artist you were created to be.

We are creative beings, made in God's image, made to create. Yet too many Christian artists are cowering in the corner, afraid to pursue a calling in the Arts. Or they charge forward into the industry not fully equipped spiritually, and have trouble navigating their way through some of the more difficult, nuanced choices that artists are inevitably faced with. If you're a Christian performing artist, it can be hard to know where you belong.

If that's you, then look no further - you belong here.


REGA Arts is a Christian theatre company based in New York City that trains Christian artists in their craft, prepares them spiritually for a career in theatre, and develops new work that will help to renew and revitalize the theatre industry.

At REGA, we offer healthy, sustainable training that cultivates the gifts of each individual. We incorporate Christian faith and spirituality into our teaching methods, equipping our students to be powerful and effective artistic vessels.  Our highly qualified teachers draw out the best within each student, disarming hindrances of fear, and affirming the creative power of Christ within. 

We also seek to develop new work that challenges cultural mindsets, cultivating stories that draw out truth in ways that provoke, illuminate, and heal our culture.

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Equipping the next generation of performers to become the artists they were created to be



Cultivating the gifts of each artist through healthy, sustainable training



Teaching from top industry professionals who invest in the overall growth of every student

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