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Actors as Vessels
Application for Financial Assistance
REGA currently has some limited funds available for financial aid. Right now we are able to offer at least two matching grants of $100/each. That means, any student wanting to qualify for the matching grant should fill out an application, and if they can commit to raising up to $100 from their own network, we will match it. That would take $200 off of the total cost of the class, reducing it to $150 for the 6-week acting class, including the masterclass with Amanda Jane Cooper, which we think is a steal! If a qualified student still needs further help, we will do our best to accommodate their need. Either way, it begins with filling out this application form. We pray and trust the Lord will make a way for all to participate according to His will.
Would you be willing to attempt to raise $100 from among your own network, after which we would match those funds for you?

Thanks for submitting!

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